What is there to know?

Get to know a little more about the beliefs, affiliations and leadership team at AC.

Our Leadership

Wayne Francis

Lead Pastor

wayne@authenticchurch.com @waynefrancis
Ricky Fay

Associate Pastor

ricky@authenticchurch.com @rickyfay
Dustin Lindsey

Education and Resource Director

dustin@authenticchurch.com @the_dustin
Trista Fay

First Impressions Director

Claudene Francis

Director of Administration

Keaton Price

Creative Director

keaton@authenticchurch.com @keatonprice
Phil Sanford

Worship Leader

phil@authenticchurch.com @psanford24
Brad Larson

Youth Director

Jen Traylor

A/V and Social Media Director

Ryan Coster

ac*kids Director

Sharyn Coster

ac*kids Director

Jason Van Engen

Facilities Team Leader

Lisa Long

Events Coordinator

Kevin Long

Executive Pastor

Renato Silva


Rachel Silva


Ozzie Osborn

Elder/Directional Team

Jim DeGregorio

Elder/Directional Team

Mel Orellana

Elder/Directional Team


Our Beliefs

If your interested take a look at our beliefs. We believe strongly is sharing our full belief statement so you know exactly what to expect. Thanks.

Why the name Authentic?

Look, we’re not here to beat our chests and to be arrogant enough to think that we are the only authentic church. Our mission and goal is to be a true body of believers that is living for real by devoting ourselves to knowing God, growing together and showing love. We want to model the narrative of church that began in the book of Acts and in so doing, live out not only what we see there, but what we see in the life of Jesus and the written words of the full counsel of Scripture. We want to be authentic to that and to Him. Now we’ll be honest, that is really messy. So you will encounter fully devoted followers of Jesus that have been Christians for a while, new believers, cynics, liars, people with various stubborn addictions and habits, the pious, the agnostic, and more. And, we're sure you’ll feel right at home because there’s one thing that we are willing to fight for vehemently and that is a culture of love.

Inspired by the periodic Table of Elements, our logo is symbolic of the basic DNA of Authentic Church. Here's the idea: Jesus kept things simple - we want to keep things simple. We endeavor to create our own "Table" of core elements that are biblically centered, simple, and creative to express the gospel to Westchester County, NY Metro and the world.

Our Mission

To be a church where everyone feels welcomed and loved and together we progress in our faith in Jesus.

Our Values

Authentic Church exists to know God through the gospel, grow together in community, and show love to Westchester County, New York City and the world through serving and generosity.